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 [Closed Application]Kelzano Wallas SADPS Leader Application

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PostSubject: [Closed Application]Kelzano Wallas SADPS Leader Application   Sun Oct 06, 2013 6:54 pm

Ic Information :
First Name : Kelzano
Middle Name : (None)
Last Name : Wallas
Current Occupation : Craftman
How many Years you spend in Los santos : 4 years
Life Biography(maximum 500 words) : Kelzano Wallas was born in France. When he was 20, he and his brother got their parents killed and decided to revenge by all ways. Kelzano wanted to become a part of the law but his brother was thinking another way, he wanted to kill the ones that killed their parents. Kelzano decided to stop his brother before it was too late. But his brother had became too powerfull in France, he was one of the biggest mafia leader. Kelzano decided to quit France and to go to Los Santos, a new country for a new life.
Why you think that you can be a leader : I think I can be a leader because I have what it takes, I can manage stuff : I'm also Chief Advisor in EU zone so I know the rules perfectly and won't go past through them.
Name of Faction which you want : SA:DPS
Do you have any experiance of your Choise faction : Yes. I already was a part of SA:DPS and LSPD which are almost the same.
Picture of your self (in game) :
Picture of your /stats :
Picture of your licenses :
Will you obey Faction Commanders commands : Yes.

OOC Information:
Age : 17
Country : France
Time zone : GMT 0
Can you speak English properly : Yes, of course.
Do you have team Speak : Yes.
Do you have micro phone : Yes.

Answer That All With a little Explanation:
DM : Death Matching - Killing someone without any RP reasons.
MG : Meta Gaming - Using OOC information in IC chat or IC information in OOC chat.
OOC : Out Of Character - Everything that isn't related to the character's life.
IC : In Character - Everything that is related to the character's life.
PG : Power Gaming - Forcing your RP on others players (like : /me shoots you.
Without any /do Am I able or /do S/F.)
KOS : Kill On Sight - Killing someone that just went out of an interior or that just came by.
AP : Ass Pull - Taking your gun out without any /me and /do.
NJ : Ninja Jacking - Stealing a car without any /me and /do.
RK : Revenge Killing - Killing someone that just killed you. When you are PK'ed you forget what happened in the last 15 minutes.
CS : Crack Shooting - Abusing the C glitch to shoot repetitively with the Deagle like a machine gun.
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PostSubject: Re: [Closed Application]Kelzano Wallas SADPS Leader Application   Sun Oct 06, 2013 8:30 pm

Application Closed
Staff Member's Not Allowed To Join Family/Faction.
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[Closed Application]Kelzano Wallas SADPS Leader Application
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