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 LSFD Handbook

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LSFD Handbook Wmnsxj
Los Santos Fire Department
Information Handbook

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Commands
3. Radio Codes
4. Rules and Regulation

1. Introduction
Los Santos Fire Department will help you in fire and medical purposes. We will make sure that you are in good hands, and we assure that the patients will satisfy to our duty. For those who are considering medicine as a career. This information will be relevant considering applying for the accelerated graduate entry programme to medicine. We have some specific information on these pages and also by looking at the general guidance given on other section we trust that you can get a flavour of what it is like to be a medic, as well as getting an overview of what it is like to work in the different medical specialities.

2. Commands

/LSFMD = This command is use to open locker in Hq or other hospital.
/r = Command to communicate to other staff/members of LSFD. Spamming in radio is not allowed and you must use this properly. If you abuse this radio, the highest rank on duty, will be eligible for faction strikes and/or kicks.
/d = This radio is the communication between all department. It is used for r4+ members. Lower rank members can only use this in emergencies or with permission from a Higher rank.
/m = This is used for long distance and when needing to transmit important information or to guide a large amount of people such as, "LSFD Emergency Please make a way for us."
/heal = This is used to heal someone.
/getpt = This is used to get a patient and receive a beacon of the location of patient.
/movept = This is used when the patient is far from the ambulance or to get the patient inside from outside.
/loadpt = This is used where you can load the patient in the ambulance.
/deliverpt = This is used in /deliverpt point a heart shape in all hospital.

3. Radio Codes

10-1 Receiving Poorly
10-2 Receiving Well
10-3 Stop Transmitting
10-4 Message Receive
10-5 Repeat last Transmission
10-6 Stand by
10-7 Out Of Service at :
10-8 In Service - On duty
10-9 Off the air. A unit will be out of radio contact.
10-10 Out of Service at Home ((Logging out))
10-13 Weather/Road Cond.
10-14 Need Convoy Or Escort
10-19 Return To HQ/Returning to HQ
10-20 Your Location
10-22 Cancel assignment - Disregard
10-24 Trouble-Send Help
10-25 In Contact With
10-38 Block Road (s) At
10-40 Out For Meal
10-62 reply to message
10-74 negative
10-76 Enroute
10-77 ETA
10-78 need assistance

Status Codes
CODE 1: Patrolling in the city
CODE 3: Life-threat response.
CODE 4: All clear or I am okay. Also used to tell another unit they can disregard.
CODE 5: Area under surveillance. All marked units stay out of area.
CODE 6: Calling for a cover unit(s).
CODE 7: Lunch break.

4. Rules And Regulations

  • LSFD is an emergency and medical department they must help injured peoples.
  • In this department every one should have to patrol around the city, majority of peoples.
  • They have to accept on call, sent by the injured civilian and also by Departments orders.
  • If some terrorist is doing a crime they must inform chief and chief can be inform other departments.
  • If special forces or police are in attack they must go with them and also give them treatment to the injured officers fastly.

       Following rules is the road to your success.

Credits to sodi baba for this rule
All department rules can be found here.
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LSFD Handbook
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