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 [Name Changed]Grove Street Appeal

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[Name Changed]Grove Street Appeal  Empty
PostSubject: [Name Changed]Grove Street Appeal    [Name Changed]Grove Street Appeal  Icon_minitimeFri Oct 11, 2013 7:23 pm

Name - John
Last - Phixion
Date of Birthday - 21/09/1993/
Country - San Andreas
Age - 20


My life start in All Saint hospital in 21/09/1993/.My mom and my dad was good parents.They give me a good culture.We live near Unity Station,when i was 5 years i transfer at San Fierro to my cousins,beacuse The Gang near start break house,with fire.My parents go to the cousins in Los Santos,Richman.In San Fierro i start school,i learn soo leasons.
My Teachers are most celebrities in town,Vjollca and Agim.
I finish the school in 18 years.
I call my cousins in Richman to talk with my parents,but thay cant say they cant tell me,they die before 1 week.
Cousins say they go for shooping.
They lie my for 1 year,im 19 years i go in Los Santos then i learn,for they.
I cry 2-3 hours then i learn who kill my parents,the parents die from gangsters near Grove Street Hood from Vatos.
I got some friend from San Fierro they are good friend, i call they for revenge for my parents.I hope they say yes.
I wanna Create a Family Grove Street beacuse Grove die from Vatos.I wanna spray all roads with spraycan then my gang will be most popular in town.Hope it.

Time - GMT+2
Name - Genci
Last - Telqiu
Facebook : Genc Telqiu

Unique rank list:
Rank 6:O.G.
Rank 5:Gangsta'
Rank 4:Thug
Rank 3:Hustla'
Rank 2:Soulja'
Rank 1:Busta'

Starting members:(I will update this with time)
1.)xJohn Phixion
2.)xEddie Thugz
3.)xJohn Deep(or any name)

Rank 6 skin:ID 270
Rank 5 skin:ID 271
Rank 4 skin:ID 263
Rank 3 skin:ID 105
Rank 2 skin:ID 107
Rank 1 skin:ID 106

Greenwood - ID 492 (x1 car) Color ID-86(green)
Huntley - ID 569 (x1 car) Color ID-86(green)
Savanna - ID 567 (x1 car) Color ID-86(green)
Glendale - ID 466 (x1 car) Color ID-86(green)
Sulltan - ID 560 (x1 car) Color ID-86(green)
Stafford - ID 580 (x1 car) Color ID-86(green)
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[Name Changed]Grove Street Appeal  Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Name Changed]Grove Street Appeal    [Name Changed]Grove Street Appeal  Icon_minitimeSun Oct 13, 2013 7:56 pm

Ballas Closed ~~-~~
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[Name Changed]Grove Street Appeal
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