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 Faction Leaders

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Sodi Baba

Sodi Baba

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PostSubject: Faction Leaders   Faction Leaders Icon_minitimeMon Oct 14, 2013 8:24 pm

Faction Leaders

Faction moderator : Sodi_Baba

1:San Andreas Government: Mico_Baba

2:Judicial System: Catherine_Devil

3:SA News: Chris_Levis

4:Federal Bureau of Investigation: Nix_Canon

5:Los Santos Police Department: John_Baba

6:Los Santos Fire Medical Departmen: Jessie_Perez

7:National office of Security Enforcement: Elijah_Perez

8:San Andreas Sheriff Department: None

9:San Andreas State Police:None

10:National Guard:

11:Tierra Robada: Ossi_Baba

12:Hitman : Zaid_Baba

13:Al-Qaeda: Ossi_Baba
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Faction Leaders
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