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 [OFFICIAL] San Andreas News - Handbook

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PostSubject: [OFFICIAL] San Andreas News - Handbook   [OFFICIAL] San Andreas News - Handbook Icon_minitimeSun Oct 20, 2013 1:52 pm

[OFFICIAL] San Andreas News - Handbook 9a1jc5
Hello Guys this is the Hand Book of Sanews,This trusty guide will explain the following.Please read this Thank you !

- Section 1: Ranks and their Duties
- Section 2: Rules and Regulations
- Section 3: Vehicles and their Availability
- Section 4: Commands and their Functions
- Section 5: Uniforms For Sanews Team

Section 1 :Ranks

Rank One : Local Editor

After a applicant's application is accepted and passes the interview phase, employed members will begin their SANews careers as an Intern. The role of an Intern is to prove themselves to the citizens of Los Santos, as well as their fellow colleagues in the faction. A few ways they can accomplish this is by assisting higher ranks with any errands that need to be completed or any events that require further help. They can only do hourly reports with permission from High Command. Their promotion will be based on how good their skills are. After working hard and helping out higher ranks,they will become a Local Editor (and will be granted to use /nr.) If an Intern /local editor OOC'ly or IC'ly asks for a promotion, they run the risk of not getting promoted and maybe even fired. Any other questions can be forwarded to a high-ranking employee of SANews.

Rank Two : Local Reporter

After working hard as an Local Editor,they will eventually receive a promotion to become a Local Reporter. Being one, they are given a lot more responsibility. They will have access to new commands and areas of the headquarters, as well as the ability to help Interns out if necessary. The new features a Local Reporter might use is the ability to interview members of the Los Santos community. You may NOT ever interview a gang member or criminal of Los Santos. Doing this will get you demoted, and if it occurs again, you will be fired.* All Local Reporters will be able to broadcast on the air from either a news van or from inside the studio. Due to their rank, permission from a Network Anchor or higher is required for a Local Journalist to broadcast. If there are no available ranks online, the Local Reporter will be unable to broadcast, however will still be able to interview.

* You may interview a gang member IF AND ONLY IF he/she agrees to keeping the interview legal and role-play.

Rank Three : Network Anchor

A Network Anchor is the middle tier in SANews, and will determine whether a member is suitable for a division-running role. As a privilege, you can now recommend others for recruitment. A Network Anchor will have access to most commands in the faction, however they will still require permission from a Network Editor or his/her assistant to use certain vehicles. A new ability you now have is doing Hourly and Live reports. As a Network Anchor, your main duties are to broadcast updates every hour, on the hour. It is preferred that the same person does not perform two hourly updates in a row, however if there are no members of the same rank online, it may be done..

Rank four :Network Editor

A Network Editor is a well-respected member of the news team. Being one, they are able to delegate tasks to lower ranks. Kudos being an Editor, they now qualify to lead a division. If you are chosen to lead one, you must not abuse it's power. They are also able to accept or deny the use of broadcasting abilities as well as grant access to SANews vehicles. This rank allows the member to be able to lead a division when implemented. A TeamSpeak office is issued, as well as full access to SANews vehicles and consideration for any lower rank promotion recommendations. The main task for a Network Anchor will be to make sure hourly updates are completed by Local Editors and Reporters. If none are online, then it will be the Network Anchor's duty to finish the task.

Rank five : Assistant Network Producer

The Assistant Network Producer is to look after the news team if the Network Producer is offline or unavailable. Leadership abilities are issued at this rank, such as moderation of the SANews section of the forums, moderation of TeamSpeak, and in-game access to promoting and demoting employees. The option to lead a division is still available for this rank. The Assistant Network Producer does not have specific in-game roles; the main intention is to watch over the other ranks to make sure they are completing their tasks. There is only one Assistant Network Producer at a specific time zone.

Rank Six : Network Producer

The Network Producer presides over the operations of the entire faction. Decisions made by lower ranks regarding certain roles will usually not be altered, however if the Producer disagrees in a certain situation, the lower rank will be over-ruled by the decision made. The Network Producer will construct the forums, keeping the staff roster and handbook up to date, as well as accepting and denying applications. Until divisions are implemented, the rank six will also deal with interviews and invites to the faction. It is advised that lower ranks speak to the Network Producer if they have any inquiries or issues regarding SANews. There is only one Network Producer at a specific time.

Section 2 :Rules and Regulations

There are a few rules and regulations that are strictly enforced within the faction. The following rules are listed below. Failure to comply and follow with these rules could result in demotion, suspension, and possibly expulsion from SANews.

- Swearing, cussing or slanderous behavior will not be accepted in /live, /nr or /r.
- OOC abuse of the news commands will result in a temporary ban, as well as a faction ban.
- Asking for a promotion will result in a possible demotion. If the member is an Intern, it will hurt their chances to get promoted. If it persists, it results in getting fired.
- Every SANews member should keep active on the forums, frequently checking the SANews section, as well as Faction Complaints.
- Any promotions or demotions that occur must be noted on the Staff Roster in the 'Employee Lounge' section of the forums. Simply click on the roster and reply with your name, your previous rank and your new rank.
- If an interview guest abuses the /live command, the interviewer will be held responsible. Always be cautious of who you interview.

Section 3 :Vehicles and there Availability

Sanews Van

[OFFICIAL] San Andreas News - Handbook 4kfcqf

The standard news van is to be used in reporting and interviewing. It runs quite slow, and can only hold 4 people, yet grants you access to broadcasting equipment (Getting in a van will grant you the ability to /nr). This van can be driven by anyone in the faction. There are 4 of these parked outside the news station. They are only to be used when a report is to be done, a interview is to be conducted, or training is to be given.

Sanews Maverick

[OFFICIAL] San Andreas News - Handbook 2zemt6r

The SANews chopper is a 2-seater Maverick bearing the SANews decal. It can only be driven by Local Reporters (R3) and above. This vehicle is more agile than the van and gives more protection, since you are above people who can possibly pester you during your reports. There are two of these idling on the SANews rooftop. Abuse of this vehicle can get you demoted/fired from the faction.

Remember use this Vehicles if you are On-duty

Section 4 :Commands and their Functions


This command is use to start a live conversation with another player. Anything you say after starting /live will be shown to everyone of the server is green font, with the exception of shout (/s), whisper (/w), quiet (/l) and OOC chat (/b). The proper syntax for this command is /live [id]. Try to keep it below 15 minutes in order to avoid players toggling the news off due to extremely long interviews. You, the interviewer, are responsible in case anyone you interview abuses the command. Only /live people who you really trust. Keep this command RP, and that means that you should not interview hobos or whores. This can lead to being demoted or fired from SANews. To end the conversation, type /live again.


This command is used to access the lockers found at the news station. From there, you can get first aid (Full replenishment of health), a vest (half of the total armor points), a camera, and a shotgun. All the locker items can be accessed for free except the shotgun. You will have to pay $150 to take one from the locker.


This command is used to broadcast lines of text in green color for the whole server to see. With this, you can report about the weather, traffic, or any happenings in the city. The intentional abuse of this command can result in demotion or being fired from the faction. This command can only be used by a Local Journalist (R2) and above. The proper syntax is /nr [text]. Your reports should not be longer than 15 lines of text. Be informative and professional.


This command is used to toggle your press badge. By toggling the command on, your name will change to green, identifying you as a member of SANews. This is only to be turned on when you are on duty.


This is the megaphone command, used by SANews, LSMFD, and the LEO factions. This extends your speech range for 1 block. Saying something via the megaphone command calibrates your text to show up in a bold, yellow typeface. The proper syntax is /m [text]. The command is only to be used rarely. The intentional abuse of the megaphone might get you demoted or kicked from the faction.


This command lists all the current members online and their respective rank.


This is the news division command, only used by the Network Producer and his/her assistant/s. This command is used to set an employee to a certain division. The proper syntax is /div invite [id/part of name].You may also be kicked out of the division by the syntax /div uninvite [id/part of name] Applying for a division can be done by either speaking to the Network Producer or the Division Leaders themselves. More information about division can be found in the Divisions section of the handbook.


This is the member list command, and is only accessible by the Network Producer. This command lists all the current members in the SANews, regardless of being online or offline, and their respective ranks.

Section 5 : Uniforms For Sanews Team

[OFFICIAL] San Andreas News - Handbook X3v4uf[OFFICIAL] San Andreas News - Handbook 28veouw[OFFICIAL] San Andreas News - Handbook S3d6cg[OFFICIAL] San Andreas News - Handbook T9wl8l

Remember use this skins if you are On-duty.

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Posts : 105
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PostSubject: Re: [OFFICIAL] San Andreas News - Handbook   [OFFICIAL] San Andreas News - Handbook Icon_minitimeSun Oct 20, 2013 2:57 pm

I mean the rank one is Local Editor
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PostSubject: Re: [OFFICIAL] San Andreas News - Handbook   [OFFICIAL] San Andreas News - Handbook Icon_minitimeTue Oct 22, 2013 1:52 pm

i didnt saw completely this handbook but its nice i saw some but it perfect Smile
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PostSubject: Re: [OFFICIAL] San Andreas News - Handbook   [OFFICIAL] San Andreas News - Handbook Icon_minitime

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[OFFICIAL] San Andreas News - Handbook
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