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 2nd meeting of city council

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Sodi Baba

Sodi Baba

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PostSubject: 2nd meeting of city council    Fri Nov 01, 2013 7:43 am

Second City Council Meeting
This will be held at 02/11/2013
The members who will have to include in this meeting are:
1:Governer  Mico_Baba.
2:Judge Catherine_Devil
3:FBI Chief Nix_Canon
4:LSPD Chief John_Baba
5:LSMFD Chief Jessie_Perez
6:Supreme Commander of NOOSE Elijah_Perez
7:News Producer Chris have also to come or Troy roy can do his duty if he cant come
Hope All of these members will attend the meeting and they will no do irresponsible beheviour if any one will do irresponsible beheviour so they will kicked from there factions  and they have to attend that meeting also and all of them have to install Team Speak 3 if they do not have micro phone so don't worry install team speak 3 and online there at that time you can hear other's voice. The time of the meeting is 01:30 server time
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2nd meeting of city council
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