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 RP Terms/Rule Breaking Terms

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PostSubject: RP Terms/Rule Breaking Terms   RP Terms/Rule Breaking Terms Icon_minitimeSun Nov 03, 2013 9:59 am

Roleplaying Terms

IC || In-Character: Everything you perform In-Character'ly is what the character you Roleplay is Doing/Hearing.
If use an In Character chat such as: /low, /w(whisper), /c, /call | Than that applys to the character you are Roleplaying.

OOC || Out Of Character: Everything happening Out of characterly does NOT apply to your In-Game character. This means that anything you or other people do OOCly should not affect the way of how you act and what you do In Characterly. If in any way you do use OOC knowledge ICly, Than you are Metagaming, Which is not allowed.

The /me command: /me is Created to show other people what you are doing In-Characterly. SA-MP does not allow 3D full action playing. Which means the character people see you as can not perform everything you roleplay ICly.
In order to still roleplay actions such as treatening an patient as an doctor, we have /me.
To make an long story Short: /me Shows people what you are doing. For example /me Raises his right hand and waves to the person. In this way you let people know that you are waving to someone.

The /do command: /do Is used to confirm actions done in /me, And to get an bether look at the situation.
For example: You walk inside the 24/7 and you see 2 Police officers and one Afro-American Male on the ground.
From your OOC Sight you see them doing Nothing, While RPly they might be performing something like an Body Search (Frisk). /do is used to Find this out, It can be used like this: *You see 2 cops and an male on the ground* You use /do Are the Police officers doing something with the Male?, Than the Police Officers can Answere with /do I am Currently Placing handcuffs on the suspect his hands.

Rule Breaking Terms

MG || Metagaming: This is using OOC Knowledge ICly in order to take advantage in the game ICly. For example you are using something you saw OOCly (an Name Tag above someone's head) ICly in order to approach that person.

PG || Powergame(ing): This rulebreaking term has 2 sides, When you are power gaming you are or doing something that is impossible In-Real, Or you are Forcing an Person to Roleplay in your advantage. For example: /me Jumps on the person's leg and it breaks. In This situation you are forcing him to Roleplay that he broke his Leg, While RPly he could move his leg to avoid it from breaking. PGing is also doing impossible things as: /me Grabs a rocket from his ass and fly's to the moon.

DM || Deathmatch: This is killing one or more persons for no valid In-Character Reasons. This eighter means you are killing an random person for no reason at all. Or because he did something to you Out Of Characterly

RK || Revenge Kill: Once your character gets killed, You lose all the memory of the last 30 Minutes before you died. This means that when you spawn again: You do not know that you died, You do not know who killed you, Etcetera.
But there are people that are angry that they got killed, And they return to the place where they have been killed and attempt murder on the person that has killed them before.
This is called Revenge Killing and strictly not allowed.

CK || Crack Shooting: When you are Firing an Weapon and you quickly press C 2 times Than your Weapon fire's 2 bullets quickly after each other. This is called Crack shooting and is considered as Bug Abuse. Which is not allowed.

QS || Quick Swapping (Improved): Quick Swapping is basically Scrolling away your weapon While shooting, And than quickly scrolling it back so you do not have to Re-Load the Weapon. This is also considered Bug Abuse, And now allowed.

BH || Bunny Hopping: Bunny hopping is Simply Jumping while Running to make your character Move faster, This is Non Roleplay and not allowed in any way.

CR || Chicken Running: Chicken running is running around in a weird patron while you are shot, In order to make it hard for the Person that is shooting you, To hit you.
This is Non Roleplay because in real people don't run in circles like maniac's to avoid bullets.

KoS || Kill on Sight: This term basically this means that you start shooting a person as soon as you see him. Not roleplaying Firing bullets or having an conversation first. An person should only be ajailed for this when an Administrator has seen the whole situation because in some situations This does not apply to the situation, For example: Gang War's / Shoot outs / Riots.

DDB || Driver Drive By: This is Firing an Weapon from the driver seat of a Vehicle. When you are doing this the Weapon does not require an Re-Load and it also makes you shoot faster & more bullets. This basically is Powergaming and there for not allowed.


Rush Taze(ing): Rush Tazeing only applies the Police Officers,Soldiers and Prison Guards, This is Tazeing a person under weird circumstances. For example, You do not taze someone while you are being shot, You basically do not taze anyone carrying an Firearm on him at all.

Car Ramming: This is obviously ramming someone or another vehicle with your own Vehicle.
Ramming another vehicle without an /me is only allowed in an Chase. Ramming an an person that is walking must ALWAYS be roleplayed with an /me.

Car parking: Car Parking is driving your vehicle over a walking person and than leaving it there to make that person lose Health Points. This is not allowed in any way ever.

Spawn Killing: This speaks for itself, Spawn Killing is killing him when he has just logged in or got discharged from the hospital.

Provoking: This is provoking someone to something, for example, Provoking a cop to a chase is NOT allowed in any way.


In-Character Chats: /w(whisper), /s(shout), /low, /call, /sms, /r(radio), /wt(walkie talkie), /m(megaphone)
Out Of Character Chats: /b(local OOC), (/f)action,(/fam)ily, (/a)dmin, /hc(Helper chat).
Special Chats: (/o)oc (Rarely Used) || (/gov)ernment (IC - Government announcement(s) )
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RP Terms/Rule Breaking Terms
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