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 Carl_Johnson LSPD apply

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PostSubject: Carl_Johnson LSPD apply   Sun Dec 15, 2013 4:56 pm

In Character.

First name:

Last Name: Johnson

Age: 20

Country: Israel

Why you wanna Join Lspd?(30 Words): i wanna join the LSPD to clean the city from criminals and to stop people from doing illegal stuffs or illegal works, and to show the city whats the rules and who rules

About Your Self(100 words): i came from las venturas, this city has so much criminals, the LVPD didnt allow me to join cause they had no more space, the cops in this city was so bad that even i could arrest people without guns! everyday theres a crime that happens, the cops dont care, all die, the city gets ruined and lots of people dies. i can call this city a junk. i came over to LS to try being Cop there.

What Can you Do For Lspd(50 Words): i can save the city from criminals, help cadets, show them how to arrest criminals, show them how to use the lspd equipments, when to use, why to use, what is what, and more...

Are you part of another function?if yes what is it: No

ScreenShot Of your self:

ScreenShot Of Your Stats(/stats):

ScreenShot Of Your Licenses:

Do you have Full Driving Licenses?: No

Your Driving Skills 0/10: 9
Out Of Character[/font">

Name: Carl

Age: 13

Country: Israel

GMT: 2+

About your self(100 words): its OOC, i dont share my personal info

RP Skills 0/10: 7

Whats The Meaning of the Following Words Explan thim.

1.DM: DeathMatch
2.NJ: Ninja Jack
3.AP: Admin Power
4.CK: Character Kill
5.RK: Revenge Kill
6.CR: Car Ramming
7.MG: MetaGaming
8.Rambo: same as DM
9.Trolling: Trolling is like making someone mad, disturbing him
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Sodi Baba


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PostSubject: Re: Carl_Johnson LSPD apply   Sun Dec 15, 2013 5:02 pm

Dear application:
I am very glad to say that you are accepted for LSPD but there is no Chief in this Department so you will be train and interviewed my Faction Moderator Chief of all departments Thank you
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Carl_Johnson LSPD apply
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