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 Gang Information (Rules, Strikes, Points etc)

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Gang Information (Rules, Strikes, Points etc) Empty
PostSubject: Gang Information (Rules, Strikes, Points etc)   Gang Information (Rules, Strikes, Points etc) Icon_minitimeWed Dec 25, 2013 12:24 pm

Gangs must roleplay everything, from invitations to gang wars.

If you are in a street gang we'd like to see you guys roleplaying within the area of your "hood" often. This does not mean you can't go and do other stuff. But we would just like to see you roleplaying in that area a bit more then others.

Families should engage in activities such as bat fights if they're a street gang and other activities along those lines. Constant fighting could be considered DM and doing so with firearms 100% of the time could be unrealistic and thus, Non-RP Behavior.

All gangs should use appropriate skins. For example, if you are a black street gang and are requesting an Asian skin. This will not be accepted.

Do NOT mass recruit. Gangs must roleplay EVERY SINGLE invitation. If you're caught inviting members to your gang with little to no roleplay or for OOC reasons, your gang will be receiving a strike or even possibly be disbanded.

Gang Management reserves the right to disband any gang based on a judgement call. Gang Management can disband a gang without notice and without regard to the current strike system.

You may never change your gang's name, roleplay theme, or slot owner without permission from the Director of Gang Management. Any violation of this rule will result in the deletion of your gang slot.

Each Gang is allowed to have a maximum amount of 3 Rank 6's. Any family in violation of this rule will be striked.

Gang Management reserves the right to deny a gang during the creation process for any reason.


Points are out of character (OOC). Players are allowed to begin shooting and actively participating in the points 15 minutes before they become active(:45) and must stop shooting immediately once the point is successfully captured. Upon point ending all gang members must leave the area, further gunfights breaking out directly after point will not be tolerated.

All gang members must be in their designated gang skins (/clothes) if participating in the point, including females.

Each gang is only allowed to hold up to three points at once. You are allowed to defend a point you already have captured.

All points are restricted by boundaries and must be fought out within the point boundaries (with the exception of chasing someone out and snipers.)

You are allowed to chase people outside the point boundaries. If you see one of your gang members being attacked outside of the point boundaries, you are allowed to assist your gang member in the gun fight. Civilians are not allowed to assist in gunfights that result from chasing outside, it is still an OOC point fight.

No animations are allowed if you are participating in a point. This includes but is not limited to: being chased out of point, chasing someone out of point, sniping from outside of the point and while within the point boundaries.

You are not allowed to use any gun discharge exploits during point.

Gang members are only allowed to participate in points if they have an R5 or R6 online and attending point with them. Civilians and faction members are prohibited from participating in point. If you wish to sell vests, you must do so outside of the boundaries.

You are allowed to return to a point after death and the revengekilling (RK) rule does not apply. You are permitted to return as many times as you want.

You are prohibited from parking(/park) vehicles inside point boundaries.

Gangs are not allowed to make an out of character alliance with another family for points. You may have alts in your family and they are ALLOWED to participate in points.

You are prohibited from recruiting members into your gang 15 minutes before any point that you participate begins. (**:30)

Exploiting the /capture command, to prevent another family from capturing is prohibited.

You are allowed to frisk gang members outside of point boundaries to search for potential snipers. If you find a sniper on a person you are then allowed to attempt to kill them. If you are frisked by another gang member, that is seen as a point action and you are allowed to attempt to kill them.


If a member is given any specific rank and is caught breaking a rule, he will be tried as the rank he was a the time of the incident. This is just a list, strikes can be authorized on other offenses if gang management feels it is necessary. For a gang to recieve any type of punishment it must be a minimum of 3 members in ONE Situation. A single member cannot get a gang a strike. Even if he is Rank 5-6. This May vary depending on the situation. But it is pretty firm it needs to be 3 members.


OOC Contracting
Three Members (One situation)

Scamming over the limit(Depending on the situation)
Three Members (One situation)

Three Members (One situation)

Revenge Killing
Three Members (One situation)

Three Members (One situation)

General Exploiting
Three Members (One situation)

Alt-Tab to Avoid Death
Three Members (One situation)

Non-RP Behavior
Three Members (One situation)

Any Rank 5 or 6

Not Abiding by the Rules of War.
Read more here.


Any Rank 5 or 6

Shooting after point
Three Members (Same point)

Going over the point capture limit[5 points]
Any Rank 5 or 6

Inviting a member before or during point(:30)
Any Rank 5 or 6

Helping another gang at a point without the intention to capture.
Three Members (One situation)
Any Rank 5 or 6

Exploiting in any way to capture point
Any Rank 5 or 6
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Gang Information (Rules, Strikes, Points etc)
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