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PostSubject: Perez Mafia   Perez Mafia Icon_minitimeThu Jan 02, 2014 1:51 pm

First of all We already have a slot and we already have a HQ in-game. I just want to edit some stuffs to my fam. My families slot is 1 Perez and Baba fam and Ossi is the slot holder, and Elijah requested to Ossi that family in-game.
Can you change the slot holder to Elijah Perez, and also I wanted to add cars, edit rank name and edit skins. Here is the list.

Family Name: Perez Mafia Family
Family Leader: *Name/Level* Elijah Perez
Co-Leaders: *Names/Levels* Jessie Perez

Rank names:
Rank 1: Intern
Rank 2: Employee
Rank 3: Agent
Rank 4: Supervisor
Rank 5: Manager
Rank 6: CEO

Skin 1: ID 59
Perez Mafia Skin_59
Skin 2: ID 186
Perez Mafia Skin_186
Skin 3: ID 141
Perez Mafia Skin_141
Skin 4: ID 166
Perez Mafia Skin_166
Skin 5: ID 228
Perez Mafia Skin_228
Skin 6: ID 208
Perez Mafia Skin_208

Color of the cars is Black.
Car 1: Vehicle Name: Stretch
Perez Mafia Vehicle_409
Car 2: Vehicle Name: Sultan
Perez Mafia Vehicle_560
Car 3: Vehicle Name: Sultan
Perez Mafia Vehicle_560
Car 4: Vehicle Name: FCR-900
Perez Mafia Vehicle_521
Car 5: Vehicle Name: Jester
Perez Mafia Vehicle_559
Car 6: Vehicle Name: Bullet
Perez Mafia Vehicle_541

HQ: Perez Mafia N9k8
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PostSubject: Re: Perez Mafia   Perez Mafia Icon_minitimeSat Jan 04, 2014 7:57 am

Reason - * Using Non RP Powers in TURF's
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Perez Mafia
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