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 LeaderShip Forms ((Don_Whiskey))

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PostSubject: LeaderShip Forms ((Don_Whiskey))   LeaderShip Forms ((Don_Whiskey)) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 04, 2014 5:19 pm

((In Character Information))

General Information

Age((Level IG)):22 ((LEVEL 2))
CurrentAddress:no. 7 Rodeo St. Los Santos City.

Background Check ((SS of your /stats)):LeaderShip Forms ((Don_Whiskey)) 7z5lIJ1

Do you have any Law Enforcement Experience?: N/A
Do you have a previous employment background in any Medical Agency or Fire Department? Yeah but in other server
Biography((Maximum 300 words)):My name is Don_Whiskey, I am 22 year of age, and I am presently residing at no. 7 Rodeo St. Los Santos City. I am the only one child of mr. and mrs. Whiskey, I am in the middle class family, meaning i'm not poor and i'm not rich in short i'm in the middle. I am graduated at RU also known as Rodeo University. 4 years I am a Police Officer of Los Santos, but I left that job because of a very important reason. My father was in the other country and my mother was very sick and she needs someone to take care of so I am the one who did that so for the sake of my mothers health I left my job as a Police Officer of Los Santos even if its hard to do. And after 2 years I came back to Los Santos Police Officer and talk to the Chief of Police and after a one hour conversation with the Chief the result is I am not be able to be a Los Santos Police Officer, sorry but I can't tell you the reason why because that is so very confidential conversation. And now, since I have a knowledge of being a Paramedic, I am now planning to join to Los Santos Fire and Medical Department. And now, while waiting for my application to be accepted, I am now a Trucker in Ocean Docks Industry Corporation and I am just a Truck Driver there delivering goods to some of the 24/7 Store in Los Santos. I am earning $100 a day as a driver of the Truck but that is not the matter, because Money is nothing for me, the reason why I want to join to Los Santos Fire and Medical Department is to help or to server people in need, like when I was in PD that is also my motivation that all I want to is serve my co-citizen. And also, I would like to work in the government, what I mean is I want to be a part of government employee as a Medic.

Why do you want to join LSFD?((Maximum 200 words)):The most important reason is, because I want to help the citizen of Los Santos who are in need and I want to server then even if I sacrifice my life. hope you understand i cant reach 200 words because im tired written my BIOGRAPHY!

Why we should accept you all over the applicants?((Minimium 150 words)):Because I have a knowledge of being a Medic and I have a past experience of serving people.

((OOC information))

FullName:Richard Zafra
Age:18 Years Old
Timezone:GMT 8
Where do you Live:Philippines
Birthdate:September 25 1995
Do you agree that if you're not mostly online,you will be Fac-Kick without getting noticed?:yes its not a bigdeal
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Sodi Baba

Sodi Baba

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PostSubject: Re: LeaderShip Forms ((Don_Whiskey))   LeaderShip Forms ((Don_Whiskey)) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 04, 2014 5:23 pm

Dear Applicant your application had been Accepted
Meet me in game for your interview hope you will be passed your interview Thank you
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LeaderShip Forms ((Don_Whiskey))
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