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 About the point in crack lab

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PostSubject: About the point in crack lab   Sun Jan 05, 2014 5:17 am

First of all, I can't and I don't cheat to this server. So, This is the story, I capped the Crack lab And I went outside, And I went back After I saw someone entering the Crack lab (Thought He was going to cap it so I tried to defend it)I went inside the Crack lab I got disconnected so I relogged, when I got back, I checked (/pointinfo) I saw that somebody has stolen the point from me, And I saw nobody is guarding it, So I took the opportunity and capped it because I thought nobody was there, Ok, I thought they were invisible too, but I'm wrong I admit that I was invisible to them because I text other players and ask them if they can see me and they said no. After that, I did not pursue capping the point so I just stood there because I cant go outside even if i do /enter or y because I thought there was a problem in my game or in my internet connection. I have an evidence also, maybe I'm Bug or I don't know what to call it, Here are my ss to prove you that I wasn't Hacking/Cheating.

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PostSubject: Re: About the point in crack lab   Sun Jan 05, 2014 5:24 pm

Dear Member,

Your application is ACCEPTED

but your slot was deleted and i am not able to give you more slot


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Mohammad Owais (Ossi Baba)
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About the point in crack lab
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