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 Read Before Applying!

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Read Before Applying! Empty
PostSubject: Read Before Applying!   Read Before Applying! Icon_minitimeWed Sep 25, 2013 6:06 pm

Read Before Applying.

If you didn't get Accepted Don't Keep Asking why and why Because That Will make you get Unaccepted for ever So Please don't beg to be a Cop.

Note:If you are unaccepted you need to wait 3 weeks To apply Again Also Don't Spam Applications!That will make you unaccepted Also.

And If you were Accepted Contact A cheif Of LSPD or an admin So he Can Test you and See your Role Play Skills And he will Deal with you.

And Please Don't Keep Waiting Near LSPD HQ Or you Will Be Unaccpeted And After That you Can Apply After 5 Weeks!.

And if you got reported form any one on forum or IG you will automaticly will get fired or you were high level like R5 You will get R3 For 1month then you will get back to your Normal Rank.

And please do Not abuse Your Power and If you MGed that will give you a warning and 3 warnings You will get fired - demoted or banned from the faction for 7 weeks!

Thanks For  Reading And Have A Good Luck With Applying
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Read Before Applying!
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