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 Niwa Baba || NOOSE LEADER

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PostSubject: Niwa Baba || NOOSE LEADER   Sat Oct 05, 2013 11:07 pm

Ic Information:
First Name: Niwa
Last Name: Baba
current Occupation: Mechanic
How many Years you spend in Los santos: 5 years
Life Biography : i born on san fierro, my parrents die cause they killed by terrorist, and since that my dreams are be a NOOSE and stop the terrorist
why you think that you can be a leader: cause iam good on RP, i know everything about RP
Name of Faction which you want: NOOSE
Do you have any experiance of your Choise faction: Yes
Picture of your self (in game):
Picture of your /stats:
Picture of your licenses:
Will you obey Faction Commanders commands: Yes

OOC Information:
Age: 14
Country: Indonesia
Time zone:+7GMT
Can you speak English properly: Yes
Do you have team Speak: sorry, no
Do you have micro phone: no

Answer That All With a little Explanation:
DM: Death Match, or killing people without RP reason.
MG: MetaGaming talking on IC chat for OOC reason Or talking on
OOC: Out of Character
IC: In Character
PG: Power Gaming is to do things its imposipal IRL
NJ: Ninja Jack, Bug Jack
RK: Revenge Killing
CS: Car Surfing
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Sodi Baba


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PostSubject: Re: Niwa Baba || NOOSE LEADER   Sat Oct 05, 2013 11:16 pm

Application Denied

Life Bio Graphy is need about 300 minimum apply again in 24 hours
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