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 [kicked]FBI leadership Application

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PostSubject: [kicked]FBI leadership Application   Sun Oct 06, 2013 12:01 am

Ic Information:
First Name:Kevin

Last Name:Joseph

current Occupation:Unemployed

How many Years you spend in Los Santos:Five

Life Biography(maximum 500 words):I was born in Vice city in '92. My mother was an alcoholic, My father... A drug dealer. I didn't see him much and my mother refused to talk about him but all I knew was that after his visits she would have a new scar to show for herself. It angered me that the one person who cared about me in the world was being hurt. so next time the bastard paid a visit he found himself with a kitchen knife to his throat and me  on top of him. I told him to never come back, to never try to contact us and NEVER EVER to hurt my mother again. We didn't see him again but I do remember hearing that he had been arrested shortly after our encounter.
                       My mother decided to stop drinking and I helped her through the symptoms of withdrawal but it was too much and so she had to slowly go down on her  alcohol intake each day. She eventually beat it and we were very happy until she Found a lump in her breast... Cancer. Six months later she died as she was unable to pay the hospital for the bills of her treatment. I was distraught at her loss. she had meant everything to me and I had no other real friends. I worked as a janitor in the Get a life offices in liberty city but was fired for tackling someone I believed to be a robber but was in fact my boss. In truth he was taking money from the company but nothing was done about it as the people I told believed me to have been deranged.
              I joined the FBI and became the greatest sharpshooter in my squad and became a sniper for the FBI covert ops squadron. I took a bullet which left me out of commission for I while in which I moved here. I now wished to put my life back on track, which would have happened sooner if it wasn't for the voices.So i have come back to join the FBI.

why you think that you can be a leader:I think i can Lead the FBI cause i have been in the force for a long time even though i suffered from a major injury I think I can get back in the game and lead of fellow agents to make this great nation of ours a great place to live a nation that we could be proud off.

Name of Faction which you want:Federal Bureau of Investigations

Do you have any experience of your Chosen faction:Yes,Before i was shot i was the best sharpshooter of FBI and i think after being completely healed i'm the same as the day i first joined the force

Picture of your self (in game):

Picture of your /stats:

Picture of your licenses:

Will you obey Faction Commanders commands:Yes,I will

OOC Information:


Time zone:UTC +05:00 (Pakistan time)

Can you speak English properly:Yes,I can

Do you have team Speak:Yes,I do

Do you have micro phone:Yes,I do

Answer That All With a little Explanation:
DM:Death-Match:To kill someone without a valid RP reason.

MG:Meta-Gaming:To use OOC information in IC situation.

OOC:Out OF Character:Anything related to the Real world and which doesn't concern the Character .

IC:In-Character:To act as your character or Anything related to your character In-Game.

PG:Power-Gaming:To have un-natural powers ICly or to force RP on other players.

KOS:Kill On Sight:To kill any player that you see without a valid RP reason.

AP:Asspull/put:To take-out or put in a weapon without doing proper RP for it.

NJ:Ninja jacking:Is jacking a car without roleplay.

RK:Revenge kill:To kill someone just to avenge your death.

CS:Crouch/Crack Shooting (Aka C-bug):Is to abuse the Crouch bug to eliminate the shooting animation of a weapon in-order to shoot faster
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Sodi Baba


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PostSubject: Re: [kicked]FBI leadership Application   Sun Oct 06, 2013 11:04 am

Application Accepted
Pending Interview
Meet me in game to get interview and lead FBI perfectly
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~~Ossi Baba~~
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Forum Administrator

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PostSubject: Re: [kicked]FBI leadership Application   Sun Oct 13, 2013 9:25 pm

Mr.Kevin , If You Not Join The Game WithIn 3 Days You Will Be Kick From FBI Leadership!!!!
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Sodi Baba


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PostSubject: Re: [kicked]FBI leadership Application   Mon Oct 14, 2013 6:59 pm

Dear applicant:
Mr kevin:
     You are beenkickedfromFBIbecause you are not playing on server and you are factionbann for 3 months Thank You.
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PostSubject: Re: [kicked]FBI leadership Application   

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[kicked]FBI leadership Application
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