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 Server Update's

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Server Update's Empty
PostSubject: Server Update's   Server Update's Icon_minitimeSat Oct 12, 2013 5:02 am

(New Update)PR:RP[V:1]

/belt (Admin CMD Added)
/radar (LEO's CMD Added)
Some Househelp CMD Added (/renters , /housekeys , /givehousekeys , /takehousekeys)
/car window Added

(Old Update)PR:RP[V:0.10]

Tutorial Added
Gang Mod Added
Ban Appealer Added
Refund Changed
/savemystats (Player's CMD Added)

(Old Update)PR:RP[V:0.9]

Points Added
/pbound New CMD Added for point's
/pointsoff New CMD Added
/toggc Added
Faction Deleted (SASD , NG , NOOSE , TR And Judical System)
Donator System Changed

(Old Update)PR:RP[V:0.8]

/g Color Change
Government Badge Added
Admin Duty Change's
City Council Added
(Suggestion Of Making City Council By Mico Baba)

(Old Update)PR:RP[V:0.7]

Server Gonna , Reset All Account's Deleted
New CMD For Gov (/govannounce)
Speed Meter Punish Changed
Mask Dis-Able , Due To Mis-Use
Global Chat Added (/g)
Gold VIP And Platinum VIP Convert Into Gold Donator And Diamond Donator
CMD Added in Al' Qaeda (/qbadge)
CMD Added In Hitman (/hbadge)
Status Display Changed (/stats)

(Old Update)PR:RP[V:0.6]

Speedo Metter Has Been Upgraded
Added Helmet's
Added Snow Weather

(Old Update)PR:RP[V:0.5]

Added (/vstorage) with new stuff
Added Speed Auto Detect Camera's
New FBI Fixed Exterior
Added Cars For Judical System HQ
Island's Added

(Old Update)PR:RP[V:0.4]

All Bugs Are Fixed

(Old Update)PR:RP[V:0.3]

New FBI Exterior
Al Qaed'a HQ Added
Judical System HQ Added
New Tolls Added
Speed Control System Added (/speedcontrolhelp)

(Old Update)PR:RP[V:0.2]
Fixed All Bug's
Added Neon System (/neonhelp)
Added TIKI System (/tikihelp)
Added AFK System (/afkhelp)
Added Bank Robbery System (/robbankhelp)
Added Admin's CMD
/weaponhelp Is Replace By Ammu Shop Buying Gun's (/weaponhelp)
New VIP Exterior
New LSPD Exterior
New CityHall Exterior
FDSA Change Into LSFMD
SADPS Change Into SASD
NG Change Into SANG
FoxNews Change Into SA News
CMD Added In Faction's
Hitman CMD : /f Change Into /wt
New Faction Added Named : Al Qaed'a

(Old Update)PR:RP[V:0.1]
Some Bug's Fixed
Added Some Admin's CMD
New VIP Exterior
New LSPD Exterior
Add CMD /weaponhelp
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Server Update's
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