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 San news Application

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PostSubject: San news Application   San news Application Icon_minitimeSat Jan 11, 2014 10:23 am

IC information
 First name :Troy
   Middle Name :Tiu
Last Name :Roy
Gender (Male of Female ) : Male
Age :26
Address :Ganton, Los Santos
Phone Number :
Picture of youself (In-game) :San news Application 2m43wk2
Picture of your Licenses (In-game) :San news Application 28u5zci
 ((Picture of /Stats )) :
Have you ever spend a time for Prison?,if yes whats for ?: No
What is your previous employment history? San news
Why do you wish to join Sanews ? Because I want to be the voice of Los Santos for delivering them the news and information that they must know in our city. Speaking professionally and clearly is my essential to become a reporter, so I ensure to you that I will give the best of my best to do my job . I have personality and ability to understand and analyze news stories and present them effectively in front of many people. I'm also good in writing skills and I want to enhance it.
OOC information
  Name :Jessie Perez
Age :18
  Gender :Female
 Country :philippines
Timezone :GMT +8
Do you have teamspeak ?yes
Do you have working Microphone ?no
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PostSubject: Re: San news Application   San news Application Icon_minitimeSun Jan 12, 2014 3:28 am

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San news Application
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