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 System of Departments and there Rule [Upgrade]

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Sodi Baba

Sodi Baba

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PostSubject: System of Departments and there Rule [Upgrade]   Thu Oct 03, 2013 10:57 am


1:This department can give order to all other departments but orders have to been approved by higher ranks.

2:The new persons in this department have to work under higher ranks and have to secure them as a guard.

3:New rankers cant give any sugestion to make rule for City.

4:New rankers are allowed to arrest some one but only when then some one is attacking on high commands of Government but they have to take permision of other higher command on radio chat of department.

5:All department have to listen all orders of Government but only high commands.

6:when some decision will be taken for any other department then the leader and other high commands of this department and all high commands of Government will include.

7:only chief and under chief of all departments can talk on /d depatment chat.

8:If any department is petroling without there faction car so they will be suspend  

9:Every Faction Departments Chiefs will be changed/retire by order of government.

10:At the time only 5 under chiefs of all departments can apply to become chief by order of chief.

11:Chief have to select 5 underchief and recommnet them to apply in application

Los Santos Police Department:
1:Los Santos Police Department have to petrol in Los Santos only and the can arrest any person on any type of crime but occurs in boarders of Los Santos

2:Cop belong to LSPD are not allowed to petrol out of Los santos but if any Department need backup out of city then they may can go there.

3:If some department need many backup of LSPD then all department dont have to go only those officers can go who are not on petrol

4:Only ten numbers of cops are allowed  to get on petrol  at a time other cops have to wait for any emergency calls and backup

5:All cops of LSPD have to listen orders of Government and high commands

6:The high Commands of LSPD have to attend  every meeting with Government belong to LSPD.

7:If some high Government commands and Commanders of arms need convey then LSPD is not allowed to give convey you can complain to Minister of Los Santos of that high commands who insist to for giving him convey.

8:If any low ranker cop broke the rule so he will have to fired from LSPD imidiate  otherwise the chief of LSPD should have to give answers about that.

Federal Bureau of Investigation:

1:FBI is hide cops of Los Santos San Firrio and Los Ventrus.

2:They are not allowed to petrol around any city ant have to wait for emergency call by cvilian or from department.

3:If some department call them so they have to need that go by there FBI marvick because they have to hide

4:If some department call backup of FBI and they have to go and no high ranker aviable so they can use FBI marvick.

5:The lower rankers have to visit city as an undercover cop and give information of any crime to high commands of FBI.  

6:If High commands of FBI recieve information from lower rankers then they have to tell Government high Command and wait for there orders.

7:They are not allowed to shoot by them self if they dont have order to shoot by high commands of FBI'

8:High commands of FBI can only give order of shooting when the situation becomes so dangerous and if they need special powers then they have to talk with high commands of Government about it.

1:NOOSE is include in special special forces and also in arm forces.

2:The chief of NOOSE have to allert on every time to save San Andreas.

3:They can give Convey to any high commands of any department and also to there own chief

4:They can petrol in every city but it is good that only do petrol where majority of people cant see them that they are petroling because it is also include in sciret Departments.

5:They have to reply every department on small of big crime if they need backup so they have to go on as on duty not as undercover

6:They are not allowed to go on any emergency call.

7: they have special powers of shooting any time.

National Guard:

1:National Guard is an arm forces
and they can shoot any person if he/she enter in department Head Quater.

2:They can only recieve backup call by  department and only when the terrirost become so danger for citizens

3:They have Special powers for arresting and shooting.

4:They are not allowed to petrol have to wait in there HQ and cant recieve civilian calls

5:Chief of NG can ask question from government about curruption and they also can apply to change the President by the order of judge and with any proof  

6:Chief of NG is allowed to give order of shooting and special powers to undercover departments.

1:LSFMD is an emergency and medical department they have to help injured peoples.

2:In this department every one should have to petrol around majority of peoples.

3:they have to go on call recieved by civilian and also by Departments orders

4:If some tarrirost is doing crime so they can inform chief and chief can inform other departments.

5:If special forces or police are in attack so they have to go with them and also give them treatment to injured officers fastly

1:It is the media department and have to play there role best

2:They are freely allowed to petrol with there camras to capture any type of insident.

3:If they see some department car on road without any work or an officer so they have to upload it pictures on media section

4:If any department do any crime so they have to tell all info about it in midia section

5:If some order given so they have to announce that also in game with breaking news and also give news of any insident

6:They have to upload all info also with date and time on forum in media section
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Sodi Baba

Sodi Baba

Posts : 60
Points : 10083
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PostSubject: Re: System of Departments and there Rule [Upgrade]   Thu Oct 10, 2013 7:47 am

Rules for all departments.
1:All factions leaders can only do LR live requirment when faction moderator or admin allow them if they do with out permission so it will be dangerous for there leadership!

2:They have to make so hard application formate to join there faction and if faction moderator or any admin denied it so they have to edit the mistake which any admin or faction moderator high lights

3:After accepting any application of player you have to take his interview if he passed then you leader can take him/her incharge.

4:All leaders bears that Accept and denied any application with any reason and teh reson they have to give with there reply of accept/denied    
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Sodi Baba

Sodi Baba

Posts : 60
Points : 10083
Respect : 8
Join date : 2013-09-07
Location : Pakistan

PostSubject: Re: System of Departments and there Rule [Upgrade]   Tue Oct 29, 2013 9:04 pm

Judical System

1:The judge of the LS will give any new rule to all department
2:Government have to work also under judical system and if it dont clear some new rule so dont have to include the new rule in law.
3:If any department have report of curruption by any Chief if any department so he have to give its proof to judical system
4:They also announce for jail and if they give any order so all department have to do that
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PostSubject: Re: System of Departments and there Rule [Upgrade]   

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System of Departments and there Rule [Upgrade]
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