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PostSubject: HandBook.   HandBook. Icon_minitimeFri Sep 27, 2013 10:26 pm

LSPD Commands.

7./destroyspikes [spike id].
16.Press F to open Doors inside HQ.


1./tazer:When you write /tazer a Silenced Gun appears with you and when you shoot at a person he fall down into the ground and will be freezed For some secounds and when you finish type /tazer again to hostler it.

2./mdc:When you Enter LSPD car Type /mdc to login in into MDC but RP it with /me & /do and you can find in it LEO agents And alot More when you open it.

3./vmdc:When you type /vmdc and player id or name it show you his Cars and the registetation of them.

4./Deploycade:When you write /Deploycade you will close the Road Just try it in a road.

5./Destroycade:when you Write /destroycade you have to be near a Cade to delete it From where you puted it.

6./Delpoyspikes:When you type /deplotspikes it will spawn a spike in your location where you worte it under your legs.

7./Destrpyspikes[spike id]:When you Type /destroyspikes and the spike id from 0 to 1000 or what ever it will remove the spike but you need to be close to it.

8./m:when you Type /m [text] its a microphone it have a large Sound when you pull some one over or ask some one to stop....etc.

9./r:/r is The Radio Channel For LSPD only you can talk with your other Officers and your Leader.

10./d:/d is Department Radio you can talk to all agents For LSPD AND LFPD AND SASD AND SASP......etc and if you want back up.

11./Vcheck:when you be near a car write /vcheck to check the car for registeration.

12./backup:to call back up at your location.

13./su:To report a Criminal and his Reason if he did somethen Wrong.

14./lspd:When you enter LSPD lockers go near a locker and type /lspd to go on duty or take guns and Kalver vest and health and to chaange clothes.

15./gate"To open lspd gates out side.

16.Press f to open doors inside hq:When your in side lspd hq there are doors with code number Goto one and Press [F] on keyboard to open the door.

17./cuff:To Cuff some one when you taze him.

18./take:To take things from any person like guns materials pot crack...etc.

19./impound:First Take a tow truck and write /tow to take a car and /untow to Drop the car and when you /tow the car goto lspd impound garage and dont /untow just drive back and type /impound.

20./ticket:To give some one a ticket if he made somethen Wrong or wrong parking driving fast avoiding red lights and raming cars......etc.

21./vticket:when you get near a car type /vticket [vehicleregisteration] to put a ticket on the car.

22./tow:when you get to lspd garage you can find a tow truck this car can tow cars and you can use it to take cars to the impound garage if there was alot of tickets on it.

23./untow:when you tow a car and you wanna untow it type /untow to untow it so you can leave it.

For More Information Contact a Leader/Cheif.
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